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Being charged with a criminal offense can be frightening.  As a criminal defendant, you should learn your legal rights from  lawyers well-versed in criminal defense.  You need an attorney that can act immediately to protect you and your family. Led by former prosecutors, the criminal defense team at Azria & Bruffett is ideally suited represent you in criminal court. 

Our attorneys have prosecuted the highest level criminal cases and have been published on criminal law. Azria & Bruffett understands the criminal process from all perspectives to give you the best defense possible. 

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges please feel free to call (315) 364-1155 for a free consultation. 

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Testimonials for Our Criminal Lawyers

Posted by: Anthony Monteleone  to Avvo

The best lawyer in Syracuse

Ralph handles business from the beginning. He has always made me and my family feel secure that he was going to handle everything and even thought I was accused he made me feel innocent and reminded me that i did not break the law and the government was wrong. He defended me and got everything dismissed. He’s the man, If you go anywhere else you’re a fool.

Posted by: Bryce to Avvo

Unbelievable Criminal Defense

Ralph Habib gave me an opportunity to lead a normal life. Through my own foolish life choices, I was facing multiple possession related felonies, a possible firearm charge, and a possible federal indictment. In the beginning, I was looking at having long term jail time. He accomplished the unbelievable, not only did I not have to go to jail but I walked away without even having probation. I had my charges reduced drastically and I am now fulfilling a conditional discharge. Anyone who wants their life back, needs to call this man. Thank you Ralph Habib, for giving me a second chance.


Posted by: Cory to Avvo

The Ultimate Lawyer

Why do we need lawyers? Somewhere we made a bad choice! I got my self in a bad situation facing felonies charges and prison time. I knew the only person to call was Ralph Habib. Ralph had handled traffic tickets in the past and always delivered. This was no traffic ticket. My first concern was being taken away from my 8 year old son. When we met, I expressed my concern. to Ralph. He reassured me that it was his problem now to worry about. He stated with extreme confidence " I will get you the best outcome possible." I am here today to tell you that I have no criminal charges from this matter. Ralph made sure that I was given a second chance to live my life. I am very grateful our paths crossed. The future is bright for my son and I. So, if you get yourself in a bad situation and feel like your buried in avalanche of charges. Take the Fear out of the situation and call Ralph Habib. Thank you again Ralph. Take care and God Bless.