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Traffic Ticket, DWI, Divorce and Criminal Lawyers in Syracuse, NY

Azria & Bruffett assists clients with DWI, traffic tickets, criminal charges, personal injury, and divorce matters pending in Syracuse and throughout New York State. 

Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime can be an overwhelming and frightening experience.  Our criminal defense team will explain your legal rights and do everything within their power to protect you and your family at each stage of the process. Learn More. 


If you are seeking a divorce in New York, our attorneys can help you work out an agreement addressing property and asset distribution, child custody, visitation, and other matters. Learn More. 


A DWI is a serious charge. Our team includes former prosecutors who understand the New York criminal justice system.  We will take quick and aggressive action to help you maximize the chance for a favorable outcome in your case. Lean More. 

Personal Injury and Car Accidents

A serious car crash or other accident caused by the negligence of another can change your life in an instant.  High-cost medical bills, time off from work, and an extended recovery can leave you and your family struggling financially.   Our firm will fight to help protect your rights and recover all compensation you are entitled to receive. Learn More. 

Speeding and Traffic Tickets​ 

Pleading guilty to speeding and other traffic violations can have long-term consequences. In addition to fines, points other penalties assessed by the DMV, your insurance company may raise your premiums or even drop coverage.  Our firm will answer your questions and help you take the right steps to protect your driving record. Learn More.

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Why Clients Trust Our Firm

Experienced Legal Counsel

Our firm offers a team of knowledgeable professionals, including former prosecutors who have handled the highest level of cases in the New York criminal justice system as well as attorneys who have prior experience litigating sophisticated civil matters.  Whether we are taking on a criminal or civil matter, we leverage this knowledge and insight to help our clients get the best possible results.

Team Approach

The attorneys at Azria & Bruffett focus on doing all that we can to help our clients.  Our attorneys share ideas and work together as a cohesive team to build the best possible case for our clients.

Prompt and Personal Service

Our firm prides itself on being responsive to the individual needs of our clients.  We work hard to provide one-on-one attention so that our clients know that they are always our top priority.

Going the Extra Mile

Every case and every client is personal to us.  Our attorneys are driven to achieve success and we will do everything in our power to find the best solution to your legal problems. 

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Testimonials for Our DWI Lawyers

Posted by: A DWI Client to Avvo

Great lawyer, great individual

Ralph persevered relentlessly through my difficult DWI case to bring it to a very favorable outcome. The case spanned over 7 months with multiple court dates and he was with me all the way through. He is extremely approachable and responsive as well as very knowledgeable and I would recommend him to anyone out there.


Posted by: Pete to Avvo

Great DWI Lawyer

Ralph made this very stressful situation so much easier on me, he explained everything clearly and got me through each step from start to finish. I had a very favorable outcome to my case. If your in need of a great DWI defense, this is the lawyer you want representing you!


Posted by: DWI Client to Avvo

Multiple times working with David and Seth

Without being too specific regarding my actual cases I'd like to tell anyone out there that David and Seth are both amazing lawyers who care about their clients. They have both gone to bat for myself and my now wife...multiple times, with more than expected results each and every time. Again, without being too open about matters, we all make mistakes, when I was younger I had the unfortunate experience of receiving a DWI, David handled my case, in the end, though a hefty fine, which you would expect, it was dismissed, the court at that time didn't even know how to handle it because it had never been done before. Again, unfortunate, an assault charge due to a bar fight involving the woman who is now my wife, Seth handled this and the result was an ACD. I have also referred someone close to David due to them receiving a DWI...a third DWI, involving an accident, again David got results that were outstanding. Fast-forwarding many years, David has still made himself available to me when called on. I have recently asked for a personal letter to a judge regarding a character reference and again, David has pulled through, made himself available and assisted me. I can't say more about David and Seth, they're two very well known, very smart, very capable lawyers who have helped me through some rather dark times, sometimes I wonder how I don't have a record, it's because of these two guys. Would never recommend anyone else.

Testimonials for Our Criminal Lawyers

Posted by: Bryce to Avvo

Unbelievable Criminal Defense

Ralph Habib gave me an opportunity to lead a normal life. Through my own foolish life choices, I was facing multiple possession related felonies, a possible firearm charge, and a possible federal indictment. In the beginning, I was looking at having long term jail time. He accomplished the unbelievable, not only did I not have to go to jail but I walked away without even having probation. I had my charges reduced drastically and I am now fulfilling a conditional discharge. Anyone who wants their life back, needs to call this man. Thank you Ralph Habib, for giving me a second chance.


Posted by: Cory to Avvo

The Ultimate Lawyer

Why do we need lawyers? Somewhere we made a bad choice! I got my self in a bad situation facing felonies charges and prison time. I knew the only person to call was Ralph Habib. Ralph had handled traffic tickets in the past and always delivered. This was no traffic ticket. My first concern was being taken away from my 8 year old son. When we met, I expressed my concern. to Ralph. He reassured me that it was his problem now to worry about. He stated with extreme confidence " I will get you the best outcome possible." I am here today to tell you that I have no criminal charges from this matter. Ralph made sure that I was given a second chance to live my life. I am very grateful our paths crossed. The future is bright for my son and I. So, if you get yourself in a bad situation and feel like your buried in avalanche of charges. Take the Fear out of the situation and call Ralph Habib. Thank you again Ralph. Take care and God Bless.