Traffic Diversion Programs: 6 New York Counties Where Tickets May be Dismissed

by Seth Azria on 1/31/2018

What is a Traffic Diversion Program?

A traffic diversion program is method, provided by a county district attorney, to resolve a traffic ticket.

The district attorney in each county in New York State decides how to handle the traffic tickets issued in their jurisdiction.  When a district attorney decides to adopt a traffic diversion program, successful completion of program will result in a dismissal of the qualifying ticket. This is the best result possible because a dismissal means there will be no points or fine from the court.

Traffic Diversion Program Requirements

While the specifics of the each program differ, the county traffic diversion programs require 1) an application and a fee; 2) completion of a defensive driving course, and; 3) interaction with the court.  

Qualifying Traffic Tickets  

Not all tickets qualify for these programs- the programs generally focus on the less serious charges.  The specific requirements for individual counties are listed below.

If our client’s ticket does not qualify, we then handle the ticket as normal through negotiations with the prosecutor. Also if a client is ejected from the program, most commonly for failing to complete the defensive driving course in time, we also negotiate directly with the the prosecution.  

Application and Fee

Each Program requires that an application be completed and submitted. For clients, we complete the application for their signature.

The application fees for the traffic diversion programs in New York state are listed below. These payments should be made by certified check or money order. For our clients overseas or who find it difficult to secure and mail checks, we often arrange credit card payments and mail the payment on their behalf.  

Defensive Driving Course

There are numerous defensive driving course that will satisfy the requirements of the traffic diversion programs. These courses cost about $30 - $40 and are available online. View Courses

The completion certificate from the course will be required by the traffic diversion program.

Interaction with the Court

Even though you may be seeking to dispose of your ticket through the traffic diversion program, contact with the court is still required. Each program participant must enter a not guilty plea with the court, secure an adjournment of their court date, and thereafter ensure that no court dates are missed.  For our clients, we enter the not guilty plea and keep track of court dates.

Counties with Traffic Diversion Programs

Each of the countries below have adopted a traffic diversion program. The descriptions below are summaries and each program has spefic eligibility requirements. These traffic diversion programs apply to all courts in a given county.

If you plan to represent yourself in the traffic diversion program, we recommend reading the program materials closely.  

If you would like a lawyer from our office to represent you, you may hire us online here or call, (315) 364-1155, to speak with an attorney.

1. Allegany County

Program Fee: $225

Eligible Tickets: Most traffic violations and speeding tickets under 30 mph over the posted limit

This program requires approval of the defensive driving course you intend to take among other requirements. Learn moreAll traffic courts in Allegany County.

2. Broome County

Program Fees: $400 per speeding ticket 21- 30 mph over, and $400 for cell phone tickets

Eligible Tickets: Program covers to 4 tickets from one incident may be disposed of through the program including speeding less than 30 mph over the posted limit, or less than 20 mph in a work zone, most other non misdemeanor tickets. Learn more.

Common Courts: Barker Town Court, Chenango Town Court, Dickinson Town Court, Kirkwood Town Court, Sanford Town Court, and Triangle Town Court. All traffic courts in Broome County.

3. Livingston County

Program Fees: $150

Eligible Offenses: Speeding tickets under 20mph over but not work or school zones, most other violations. Learn more.

Common Courts: Geneseo Town Court, North Dansville Town Court, and West Sparta Town Court. All traffic courts in Livingston County.

4. Otsego County

Program Fees: $200

Eligible Offenses: Speeding under 20mph over and many violations. Learn more.

Common Courts: Otego Town Court, Richfield Town Court, and Worcester Town Court. All traffic courts in Otsego County.

5. Tioga County

Fees: $240 or $340 for an elevated charge, + $70 each additional additional

Eligible Offenses: Up to 4 tickets from a single incident including speeding tickets up to 30 mph over the limit and most other traffic violations. Learn more.

Common Courts: Candor Town Court, Owego Town Court, and Nichols Town Court. All traffic courts in Tioga County.

6. Wyoming County

Program Fees: $200, $350, or $450

Eligible Offenses: Speeding under 30 mph over, other traffic violations and misdemeanor Aggravated Unlicensed Operation. Learn more

Common Courts: Huron Town Court,  Ontario Town Court, Sodus Town Court, and Williamson Town Court. All traffic courts in Wyoming County.




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